3 ways karate improves your health

With stress increasing by the day and as you have less and less time for yourself, you shift into a mode of convenience. Blissful sleep gets interrupted at irregular hours with your alarm going off; healthy home-cooked meals get swapped with a hot dog or a hamburger and the little time you get for yourself in a day, you want to spend in front of TV or computer screen. You understand what is good and what is not but cannot always put it into action. A little exercise everyday paves the way for your overall good health and here is why Karate is the best way to go about it.

shutterstock_248375641Karate – a path to recovery

Karate not only keeps you active and in shape but also helps in character building and instills a sense of achievement. It is a great total body workout routine that helps in improving the overall stamina, flexibility, balance, muscle tone and strength. Also, it aids in regulating eating signals thereby helping you to develop a healthy eating pattern. Karate also helps in lowering the risk for heart disease by keeping cholesterol and glucose levels in check. Also noteworthy is its use in recovery after heart disease. Karate contributes to strengthening the heart after an attack and is found to increase blood circulation by increasing the elasticity of the blood vessels.

Why you should take up Karate

There are many health benefits associated with Karate. Studies have shown that people over the age of 50 exercise enough to prevent physical decline and especially for recovery after heart disease and other illness. It is a great stress buster no matter what your age. It not only gets you in shape but also gears you up with life-saving self-defense skills at the same time. Above all, it builds your self-confidence and makes you comfortable in all situations, like when you are in danger or simply working out of your comfort zone. With all its power packed advantages, Karate might just be the ideal activity for you to take up.