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3 ways karate improves your health

With stress increasing by the day and as you have less and less time for yourself, you shift into a mode of convenience. Blissful sleep gets interrupted at irregular hours with your alarm going off; healthy home-cooked meals get swapped with a hot dog or a hamburger and the little time you get for yourself… Read more »

Shaolin Kung Fu

Countless of records gathered by historians and scholars on Chinese History suggest that martial arts in China have been around for a few thousand years. One such example could be Shuai Jiao, a form of wrestling which was popular long before (a few centuries) Shaolin temples even existed. Chinese abbeys were full of riches and… Read more »

The Japanese Samurai

Legions of legendary Samurais played a very important role in the history and culture of Japan and left a strong imprint in the minds of its people and the rest of the world. Spelled 侍 in Japanese, Samurai were actually military nobles or officers of the emperor’s court during the Middle Ages and during the… Read more »

Ninjutsu: Spies and the Way of the Ninja

Spies in Japan have been around for well over a few centuries. Ninjas, also known as shinobis were undercover spies or mercenaries, were known for their stealth and methods of deception, and are said to have risen during the time of feudal Japan. The main tasks which ninjas were assigned ranged from spying, sabotaging, infiltrating… Read more »

Japanese Martial Arts: Karate

Karate, in Japanese (空手), means open hand; or empty hand. It is mainly a striking art which employs punches, open hand techniques, kicks, palm heel, knee and elbow strikes. Traditionally, grappling, throwing, locking, restraining, and striking vital point can also be a part of this combat art form. Karate originated in the Southern-most region of… Read more »

Korean Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is one of the most popular Korean martial arts world wide. Tae Kwon Do is a rather new form of combat and it was developed in Korea by different practitioners of martial arts rather recently; namely in the 50s. The salient fact about Tae Kwon Do is perhaps that its development was… Read more »

Martial Arts as Spiritual Realization

As mentioned before, martial arts could be used as a means of achieving knowledge and development within the realms of spirituality and even religion. Especially since many of them are widely known for having been, developed, practiced and passed on by monks and nuns. Such is the case with Buddhist Shaolin monks in temples all… Read more »

Martial Arts: Definition

Martial arts can be classified as different contact sports, that involve the use of one’s own body and, sometimes, even the employment of weapons as a means of self defense and attack on an opponent. These sports or combat practices originated mainly in Asian countries, more specifically China, Korea and Japan. Some of the most… Read more »

History of Martial Arts

History of Martial Arts When referring to the history of the martial arts as we know it today, it is rather hard to stipulate the actual origins of these millenary art forms. However, we could perhaps refer to certain evidence gathered by archaeologists and historians around the world, which would suggest or indicate the presence… Read more »